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Networking for Hindu Professionals is a charitable business organization that was started in 2019 by Fareida Rajkumar, a Hindu advocate, and community visionary.


    Having lived in South Florida for twenty-five years and serving the Hindu community as a Bal Vihar teacher, youth camp instructor, event emcee, and cultural committee chair, Fareida and her family avidly served the Hindu community at large through charitable donations, volunteering, and advocacy. Although the South Florida Hindu community was fragmented by minor cultural differences, languages, and countries of origin, Fareida believed that our intrinsic Hindu way of life is the common uniting factor for our large minority group. She identified firstly as a Hindu among the diverse population and sought to see us work as a cohesive unit to further our cause, bring awareness, and support each other irrespective of minor differences. 

    It is for this reason that NetHP was born, to serve as a uniting platform where Hindus can gather, grow, and give back to this very community we live in. The guiding principles are Service, Leadership, Philanthropy, and Community. We serve as a networking base for business owners, emerging professionals, community leaders, and college students. The organization’s primary function is to bring these Hindus together to do business with one another, to connect socially, and build bridges that will serve to grow the community. Our member-based services provide marketing opportunities to grow business through referrals and online exposure.

We encourage our members to volunteer together and serve together.

    What differentiates NetHP is our ability to utilize the resources, services, and financial donations of our members to fund and support existing religious, cultural, and social causes as a group. This collective effort allows our members to give back regularly and freely without obligations. Most of our members are a part of some local organization and this gives us a plethora of causes to be affiliated with and grow. Each month we select a vetted charity our members are associated with to bring awareness to and offer a donation on behalf of NetHP. One does not have to be "Hindu" to join, associate with or serve the greater community.

    Each month we host a meeting and social so our diverse group of members can gather and get to know one another, present their businesses, refer and connect. We select venues that allow us to mingle socially, after all, if we like each other, we will stick together. Our established members serve as mentors to the younger ones, helping them find internships, jobs, host workshops, and act as advisors. Our elder community leaders help by serving as spiritual guides and financial supporters. We are practitioners of Hinduism and have years of involvement & relationships that are valuable to our work. If we can offer folks a platform to truly live the values of Hinduism by gathering, growing, and giving back to our sacred way of life then we would have served our community well. 

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