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    “I’ve attended every event this year and I think the events that NetHP hosts are great and very inviting. It was nice to meet people from the local area in a social setting. The ice breaker games are actually really fun. I’m glad to be able to network with several people about schools and jobs since I’m also a working student. I’m looking forward to the next events!”

          -Vasanti Sharma, MPH

    “I think the networking events turn out really great! I connected with a few other entrepreneurs in the group and have made some good contacts to grow my business.”

          -Ketan Kolydiya, Financial Planner

    “The events that Net HP hosts are very well organized and interactive. I look forward to attending the next event they have planned.”

          -Rachel Persaud, Speech Pathologist

    “Being an active member of NetHP since its inception in Jan 2019 has helped me as a business owner tremendously. The organization has connected me with other Hindus in the community and opened up doors to grow my new business through participation in events. NetHP shares the same values as I do in my business practices; to advise people as you would with your family. As an insurance agent I have come to love helping people in need and finding an organization that does it so well it’s very impressive to me. The founder, Fareida is the main driving factor in NetHP and you should sit down and talk to her and you will understand why she does what she does with so much dedication.

    I encourage young Hindu professionals to join and utilize this effective platform that will give you access to resources to drive your career/business in the right direction.”

          -Saurabh Bhatt , Insurance Agent

    “Growing up in Florida I was fortunate enough to experience the Hindu community at a fairly young age. As time went on, there were fewer ways to connect with other local Hindus, and as friends went off to school or work, less and less people were around to connect with. After going to the first Net HP meeting - it was refreshing to see how many people are in the community now, I was also surprised to see that most of the faces there were new to me. I am excited to see how much this group will grow and really look forward to the next meeting.”



          -Niraj Thaker - Insurance Agent, Owner

    “Networking for Hindu Professionals (Net HP) is a charitable business organization that has brought together service oriented, value conscious, young professionals with “Hindu Values” that teach us “Unity Consciousness” and “oneness” in diversity. Bringing bright young minds with a hopeful vision of the future together under one roof, Net HP provides direction of selfless service and dedication from the heart. As a single stick can be broken easily but the group of ten tied to gather in a bundle can not be broken … so does Net HP bring multiple small Hindu community professionals together as one unifying entity to allow formation of the platform for even greater service.


    Fareida Rajkumar at its helm, has propelled the mission of Net HP to great heights in a very short time. She is guided by her spiritual upbringing, with loving support of her family values, experienced as a teacher, a counsellor, a program director and organizer  above all, a servant to the Hindu community and the temple.


    I am singularly impressed by the commitment, the drive, the dedication and the service oriented attitude of the young Hindu Professional (and the aspiring professionals). As a teacher of Medical Sciences, a teacher of Spirituality and student for life, I have nothing but admiration for Net HP and its participants. They have my full support.”

          -Naresh Pathak, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.A.H.P.M., F.A.C.G.S., F.A.C.E.P.

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